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Mark Horstmann, CPA, PFS, CFP®

Mark Horstmann, CPA, PFS, CFP®

Founding Partner

Mark Horstmann’s life is a living demonstration that he knows what he wants, he knows how to get there, and he loves to help other people do the same. At the age of 18, he decided to marry. His parents weren’t exactly thrilled with that decision at such a young age and as a consequence told him that he would be on his own financially. This was not a problem for Mark. He immediately initiated action on three major goals. He got married, obtained a fulltime job, and obtained his college degree in the normal four years. Many folks said he could not do it, but he did.

Interestingly, Mark didn’t just squeak by with the minimum requirements on his college degree. He earned a BSBA with a concentration in accounting at Rockhurst University (Kansas City, Missouri). Graduating number one in his class meant he was the recipient of the Wall Street Journal Award. From there, Mark went on to obtain his CPA and CFP credentials. He initially worked for Grant Thornton but in 1986, he started his own CPA business and personal consulting firm, Midwest Consulting and Accounting, LLC. Additionally, Mark created a financial planning company, Weatherby Financial Services, LLC, in 1999. He sold Midwest Consulting and Accounting, LLC, in 2007 so that he could concentrate on his wealth management business.

In addition to the above significant accomplishments, it is worth noting that Mark has always been a prodigious businessperson. From the age of 13 on, he has been involved in starting, owning, or operating about a dozen separate businesses, some of which he remains involved in today. These have included such entities as a lawn-mowing business (at 13, his first!), a pension administration service, a medical device company, and a real estate firm.

Given that Mark’s wife is a dentist, Mark has had deep interaction with many aspects of that field such as successfully completing dental school, setting up a dental practice, and achieving financial stability as a dentist. These experiences mushroomed into many opportunities to provide financial and wealth management services to dentists and dental specialists. From that significant experience, Mark wrote a book, “Wealth Management for Dentists” that has helped many people in the dental field.

That kind of demonstrated passion, focus, and commitment continues to serve Mark well. However, a painful loss early in his marriage and college days infused him with a tender sensitivity to what is genuinely important at the deepest levels of life. When Mark was just 21, his mom died unexpectedly from a heart attack at the age of 43. Mark describes the powerful effect this grief experience had upon him, his approach to life, and his approach to business: “When she was gone, it left a huge hole in our lives. I learned at the young age of 21 how grief can be at the same time crushing, painful, and ironically also numbing. I also learned to appreciate how important it is to value the time that you have, and treasure those moments, knowing that the next one is not guaranteed. Everything that is important to you can change in an instant. This is one of the key reasons that I want to help my clients achieve a sense of peace about their financial lives, so that they can focus on the relationships that are critically important to them. I want them to truly enjoy the time that they have with their families and loved ones.”


In addition to being a Founding Partner of Compass Wealth Management, Mark has generously shared his wisdom, talents, and support in numerous areas. He served as a member on the executive committee of the Platte County Business and Professional Association, the Northland Chamber of Commerce, and Rotary International District 6040. He has also served at the president of the City of Weatherby Lake Planning Commission. Mark has also volunteered as a coach for youth teams in baseball, softball, volleyball, and basketball. He continues to serve in numerous capacities at Tiffany Fellowship Church.

In retrospect, it looks like Mark made a lot of smart decisions. That includes that early marriage decision. Mark and his wife are now in their 40th happy year of marriage with three lovely daughters and three delightful grandchildren.