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Changing Your Perspective

We appreciate this opportunity to introduce our firm.  In our experience, when people talk about “wealth management,” many tend to compartmentalize their focus to the management of an investment portfolio without considering the reasons for investing their assets.  Every client has their own story.  We feel it is important to understand your story before engaging in an investment plan strategy. 


Compass Wealth Management views wealth management uniquely.  We believe the management of your wealth should be coordinated with your passions and priorities while considering wealth preservation, wealth enhancement, tax management, wealth transfer, along with generosity giving.


We have found one of the most meaningful ways to confirm whether you are well positioned with your current investment plan strategy is to complete a Second Opinion Review.  Our interest is to either affirm your current position and strategy or redirect based upon educated insights that will allow you to make a more informed decision about your future financial well-being.  If you feel it would be appropriate to share some time and complete a Discovery Meeting, we would be honored to help.


As you review our Wealth Management Consultative Process Model, you will notice that we begin with a Discovery Meeting.  This takes about an hour to discuss your values, goals, relationships, advisory experiences, your assets and liabilities, processes that will be important to measure progress over time, and your personal interests.  We complete customized inquiries that focus on each of these subjects.  You will note that four (4) of the seven (7) topics are qualitative in nature.  We have learned over the years that many clients will not do what they think about, but they will do what they feel.  It is for this reason we want to make sure we understand you better and determine how we may be of service.  If we both agree that we are compatible, we will proceed with the other segments of the Second Opinion process.  All fees for this service are waived as an additional value to you.


We also believe it is beneficial to work directly with other professionals as a part of our family office environment.  As our clients transition their lives toward and during retirement; they want to avoid unnecessary meetings and talking with multiple advisors.  They want to consolidate their relationships and have someone who truly understands them well to coordinate many of their financial needs.  A holistic approach is desirable, and within our model it includes coordinating with legal counsel, accounting firms, insurance consultants, business valuation firms, financial institutions, and others, in addition to our wealth management services. Therefore, we created our Strategic Alliance Partnership.  We can either work with your current legal counsel, accounting, and other related financial services firms or make recommendations as part of our wealth management services.  This is your choice, knowing we are much more than than simply wealth management firm, we are your financial navigator.