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How We Are Different

We are a concierge wealth management consultative firm. As such, we become your financial navigator. A navigator must know the answers to these questions:

  • What is my starting point?
  • What is my destination?
  • Which route should I choose?
  • What are the factors that can enhance the journey?
  • What are the factors that can hinder the journey?
  • What needs to happen on the journey?
  • How will I capitalize on the answers to those questions to ensure maximum success for you?

Just as important as being your financial navigator, our leadership model at Compass Wealth Management is as a servant-leader. It is our passionate desire to serve you by doing what is best for you and your family. This means that we lead from the heart as your servant. Simultaneously, we bring the full rigor of all necessary quantitative analysis and competencies to the table so that we are truly navigating you to your destination in the way you want to reach it. This philosophical commitment prompts meticulous attention to select and maintain a strategic alliance of professionals in the various disciplines that you might require.

You can find many financial services professionals who are happy to sell you a product or a service. We do not operate that way. Rather, we take a holistic approach. We want to learn your story. Your story includes your background, family situation, desires, and goals. Once we understand your story, then we are both perfectly positioned to navigate to the next step in your journey.

Our 30+ years of proven results confirm the efficacy of our approach. We hope that you will think so too. We ask for the privilege to learn your story. Should you grant us that privilege, we believe that it could be the best navigational step you’ve ever taken in your journey.